clase Hispanexpression
Classes of Spanish without leaving your home, or from anywhere where there is an internet connection. You will not lose time in uncomfortable transfers and enjoy a very flexible schedule. You only need to press a few keys and Professor of Spanish will be at your disposal to help you to understand the grammar, so dreaded by students of Spanish, but that gradually will be very familiar.

You can talk with the teacher of the subjects that interest you: history, culture, politics, customs, gastronomy... also can prepare the It the Instituto Cervantes in any of its levels, Professor will adapt to your needs.
You, through custom exercises, will be learning Spanish almost without realizing, studying Spanish will be fun. They are not classes, rigid, cold; they are personal and interactive classes.

Spanish is a fascinating language, more than 500,000,000 people use it and is the second language on the Internet. Do you know about Spain? A native teacher will guide you through the different Spanish communities, so different from one another. In addition to learning a language, you can learn about hundreds of Spanish stories, traditions, superstitions, festivals, gastronomy...

This education system is designed for people who have difficult times or do not want to waste time travelling. Also for people who want a native teacher and perhaps in their country have difficulties to get it...

You can book a class now o contact me If you have any questions.

Access to the examples of theory or to the examples of exercises of our courses