Past indefinite Irregular

Undefined irregular past tense
(Auxiliary verbs)


I ESI had
You ESyou had
-Her - you EShad
Us - us ESWe had
Ye - ye ESyou had
Them - them - you EStuvieron


I HUbe
You Hubiste
-Her - you HUBO
Us - us Hubimos
Ye - ye Hubisteis
Them - them - you Hubieron


Other equal verbs that BE, HAVE, HAVING (The verb HABER when you are alone, when not working as auxiliary verb is conjugated in 3rd person singular
OBhave, Rehave, ofhave, ofhaveis, betweenhave, betweenhaveis, withhave, withhaveis, ABShave, ABShaveis, manhave, manhaveis, SOShave, SOShaveisandar, andaris.