Ser/Estar – Verbos Irregulares



DESCRIPTION: Cristina is high.

PROFESSION: I am a teacher.

NATIONALITY: Your you're Russian, she is Italian, you are German.

ORIGIN: Rafael is Brazil - Rafael is Brazilian.


PLACE: Madrid is in Spain.

VARYING SITUATIONS: The room is dirty,


WELCOME: LAMEtake, take, take, take, catch.

MEET: I KNOWyou know, you know, we know, know, know.

To give: I GIVEdas, da, she is, you give, give.

DO: I DOyou do, does, we do, do, do.

PUT: PONGOyou put, put, put, you put, put.

BRING: BRINGyou bring it brings, we bring you, you bring, they bring.

KNOWING: I KNOWyou know, you know, we know, you know, you know.

EXIT: SALGOsales, sale, we left, you saléis, come out.

SAY: I SAY, YOU SAY, SAYSWe say, you say, SAY.